Playboi Carti's show last night at The Forum saw the rapper live his lyrics, pulling up onstage in his Kanye West-gifted tank.

Pulling up anywhere in a tank feels pretty unnecessary; unless, of course, you're traversing your 52,000-square-foot Wyoming ranch. Just Kanye, then.

Apparently, Playboi Carti didn't get the memo, deciding to live his lyrics – "I ride in the tank (Tank, yeah)" – from the 2020 track "New Tank" from his album, Whole Lotta Red.

The new tank in question was one of several gifted by West himself to fellow artists – including 2 Chainz and Chris Brown – back in 2020. Not many can say they've been gifted a $120,000 Russian Sherp ATV, and I doubt the few that have could explain why they were or where they plan to use it.

For some reason, the vehicle found its way on stage to serve as a backdrop to the concert, conjuring up images of Drake's equally as obtuse floating $7,000,000 LaFerrari during the 2018 "Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour."

While there's no doubting that Carti wanted to put on a good show, bringing a 1.3-tonne motor vehicle on stage during a concert feels like an unnecessary dangerous move, especially considering the tragic event that unfolded at Astroworld just a day prior.

In a video posted on Reddit, management at The Forum is seen warning fans in the crowd about their behavior on the night. The official on stage can be heard saying: "if you guys don't follow the rules, if you guys jump over to the floor, if you guys do anything that they [LAPD] consider dangerous – one, not two, but one person messing up, this show is over."

They went on to say, "please, let's have a good time, but be respectful, follow the rules, take care of each other."

The show continued without any further safety concerns, while the tank stole the spotlight in fan recaps of the night.

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