The latest PUMA drop, the Rider Play On and the Rider Ride On, refuses to be your safe wardrobe standby. How many pairs of monochromatic kicks do you possibly need? No black-and-white boring here, it’s a medley of hues that opts for unapologetic maximalism, ready to turn heads. We’re talking indigo blues alongside tomato red laces with a hint of fluro green sprinkled on top. This 80's-inspired model is certainly not for the faint-hearted or safe sneakerheads out there. Unsure of how to style the kaleidoscope of colors? Take it to the gram for a bit of surefire inspo.

Throughout Europe, influencers from the UK, Italy, and Sweden show us a thing or two about what it means to truly show out in footwear. Bold statements are abundant here. Some, like Giulia Scotti and Eddie Wailes, are careful to balance out the ‘fit with a more laid back approach and let the sneaker take center stage. Others, like Cajsa Wessberg and Daniel Desmeres, step up to the challenge with a head-to-toe brazen ensemble. The former goes for a cosy orange shearling and sky blue track pants. The latter breaks all the fashion rules with a brown and green combo, topped off with a black aviator trapper hat. Another influencer, Travis Shuuji put it best when he described the shoe as, “A pair of sneakers that fits in almost every situation.” Yeah, we’re here for it.

Johnson Gold opts for a wintry mix-up

Travis Shuuji goes for the more is more approach

Giulia Scotti pares it down so the sneaks can dress it back up

Silvio Tova RED-RUMed the 'fit

Eddie Wailes and the art of the boy-next-door flex

Emulate Daniel Desmeres and his DGAF vibe

Cajsa Wessberg out here in all her candy-colored glory

The only thing Rahquise Bowen is delivering is looks

Dominic Grizelle lets the shoes do all the talking

Ruddy Trobrillants hard reps the French tri-color

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