When did arcades become ancient relics? Maybe it was around the time kids stopped going to malls and started peeling fruit on their iPhones. Remembering the deafening sounds of tokens raining down and the technicolor glow of a room packed with video game cabinets feels incredibly nostalgic yet still a little next-gen at the same time, kind of like Blade Runner but less brooding.

Pictured above: Future Rider

Luckily, this 8-bit, button-smashing cultural phenomenon is alive and well on the side streets of Tokyo, Japan, where you can still get lost in a labyrinth of classic and innovative new games. We figured that would be the perfect setting for a photoshoot featuring PUMA’s latest Rider collection, including the Future Rider and Style Rider silhouettes. The lineup of sneakers seamlessly blend a retro-future (a.k.a. “Futro”) aesthetic and bright colorways with a heavy dose of vintage athletic vibes.

Engineered for comfort and agility, yet dripping with an effortless mix of classic color blocking, textured materials, and fresh silhouettes, it’s no surprise we dubbed these “Futro icons in the making” back in August.

Pictured above: Style Rider

The lookbook captures a wide range of fits for men and women in a dreamy neon haze, but you’re instantly drawn to the sneakers. They’re eye catching in all the right ways, and they feel at home alongside Street Fighter II. Blending gamer culture with elevated fashion can sometimes feel inauthentic, but as you’ll see, these sneakers hit the mark.

Pictured above: Style Rider

PUMA has always done a remarkable job revitalizing its archive with modern interpretations drawn from the constantly shifting footwear landscape. It's a brand that’s always on the cutting edge without sacrificing its sports heritage.

Pictured above: Future Rider

Earlier this month, it released an augmented reality app with Wanna Kicks that lets users try on new colorways of the Future Rider ahead of their drop. A band of artists and designers took it a step further, completely reimagining the shoes with a little help from AR and a whole lot of imagination.

Pictured above: Future Rider

Japan ushered in the golden age of video games, setting the bar and continually blowing minds around the world. The same could be said of PUMA on the footwear front. These kicks are a prime example of the brand’s innate ability to push the envelope while maintaining quality craftsmanship and the signature traits sneakerheads have loved for generations. And with PUMA's vested interest in celebrating the Futro approach to design, it’s safe to say these shoes will stick around for a long, long time.

Keep it locked here for the next drop of colorways on February 22nd and more throughout 2020. And click here for more on the Rider styles.

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