It was clear from the get-go that she was a busy woman, but 2016 has been the year in which Rihanna definitively announced just how much “work, work, work, work, work” she is capable of. Aside from decimating the charts with ANTI, she has steadily unveiled a stream of footwear as part of her collaboration with PUMA, including a sick pair of trainers and a luxurious pair of fur pool slides. The crown jewel of this partnership has been the Fenty Creeper, and the pair has just unveiled this sneaker in a stunning new “Orange Camo” colorway.

Structurally, the new model boasts many of the same facets of construction as the previous Creepers. Which means that this too sports a patent leather upper and a gum-bottom sole that is distinctly thick. The camo print of the sneaker’s title is wrought in an inspired mix of orange and tan which covers the entirety of the upper, completed with tan laces and a leather liner. The gilded PUMA logo is embossed on the side panels, finishing off the sneaker.

Stay tuned for release information on the PUMA x Rihanna Fenty “Camo” Creeper.

In related news, PUMA enlisted designer Careaux for an incredibly colorful array of summer classics.

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