Although Rihanna's wine glass taking habit is well-documented, no one has directly called her out on it. Until now, that is. Talk show host Graham Norton recently sat down with the cast of Ocean's 8 and didn't hesitate to present hard evidence of Rihanna's sticky fingers. Watch the clip below.

Rihanna was surrounded by her Ocean's 8 co-stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bohham-Carter, and Sarah Paulson. While several photos were shown of Rihanna leaving clubs, restaurants and the like, Norton asked, "Let’s just look at this picture. Did you ask permission from the club, when you left holding this glass?"

She then explained that she took some of the glasses to the venues, and insisted she returned another. Jokingly worrying about her mother seeing the interview, she said, “I took that one BACK to the hotel that I took it from."

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