Shawn Stussy and Dior have confirmed that the streetwear veteran came out of retirement for Dior Men's 2020 fall collection, which is showing in Miami tomorrow, December 3. Rumors of the collaboration have been circulating for some months now, but nothing was officially confirmed until this weekend. Watch the teaser video above.

It seems both parties are excited about the collaboration, with Jones enthusing to WWD that he “used to wear [Stüssy] head-to-toe all the time in my teens. It was something I was really, really, really obsessed by.”

Talking to Instagram, Stussy echoed similarly hyped sentiments. "I gotta say here now how good a vibe and how natural this project has felt for me before this thing breaks in a day or so... no matter what goes down I want to thank the whole crew over there for taking me in and making me feel welcomed."

The collaboration marks Stussy's biggest project since he departed Stüssy in 1996. Read his announcement post below.

Stussy's confirmation follows an official post on the Dior Instagram announcing Kim Jones' Fall 2020 Menswear show, describing the vibes as “palpable” with a brightly-colored video set to Georgia’s ‘About Work The Dancefloor (The Black Madonna Remix)’. It was, however, the distinctly Stussy-esque typography that piqued the interest of Dior's followers.

The collaboration will be revealed tomorrow, December 3 in Miami, and will go on sale in 2020.

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