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While Nike sued Skechers for ripping off its Flyknit technology last year, adidas also went to court against the American brand for allegedly copying several of its silhouettes. The most obvious one was the adidas Stan Smith ripoff, in the form of the Skechers Onix. One does not need to investigate much to figure out that the Skechers Onix is a direct copy of the iconic adidas Stan Smith, not only offered in the same design, but even in the same iconic white/green colorway too. An Oregon judge now ordered the second largest sneaker company in the U.S., right behind Nike, to stop selling the Onix. It turns out that the judge could not even tell them apart in the court room, making the decision an obvious one. The other two designs in question were more inspired by adidas, rather than a direct copy.

You can read the full story here.

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