Snoop Dogg has taken to social media to publicly apologize to Gayle King for verbally attacking her in an ugly Instagram rant last week. His latest statement arrives following a conversation with his mother and follows his previous statement, which came after Oprah Winfrey revealed that King is reportedly facing death threats for bringing up the rape allegations pitted against Kobe Bryant in 2003.

In a video posted to Instagram, Snoop explained that his mother made him realize the error of his ways. "Had a talk with my momma," he revealed, "I was raised way better than that."

“When you’re wrong, you gotta fix it,” he explained before directly addressing King. "I publicly tore you down by coming at you in a derogatory manner based off of emotions [...] I didn't mean for it to be like that, I was just expressing myself for a friend that wasn't here to defend himself."

Snoop went on to address the problematic language he had used, saying "I would like to apologize to you publicly for the language that I used and calling you out of your name and just being disrespectful." Watch his full apology below.

On a recent Hoda & Jenna & Friends appearance, Winfrey spoke out about the backlash against her friend King, stating that she "is not doing well" and now travels with security. "She feels very much attacked."

At that point, Snoop had already posted an apologetic statement clarifying his comments. In a video he attempted to explain the context behind the comments he made about King last week. "I didn't mean any harm," he said. "When I said what I said, I spoke for the people who felt like Gayle was very disrespectful towards Kobe Bryant and his family."

The rapper then reiterated that he didn't want any harm to come to Gayle, but that he felt her comments concerning Bryant were "unnecessary." He did not, however, address the misogynist language he used in his initial address to King. Nor did he speak of his support of Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. Listen to Snoop Dogg's full statement below.

This all began when Snoop took to Instagram to call out the CBS journalist for her interview with former WNBA star, Lisa Leslie. During that discussion, King brought up Bryant's rape allegations, which prompted Snoop to call her a "punk muthafucka" (among other comments) and warned her to back off.

Bill Cosby, who is currently serving a three-to-10 year prison sentence for three counts of aggravated indecent assault, then posted a message to his Instagram page thanking Snoop for his message.

In his caption, the disgraced comedian threw shade at King, Winfrey — for her participation in Leaving Neverland, the documentary that looks at the sexual assault accusations leveled against Michael Jackson — and other black women who he claims are "being used to destroy the image and legacy of successful Black men."

Read Cosby's letter in the caption below.

After bashing King and coming to Cosby's defense, Snoop also received some criticism on Twitter. You can check out some of the disappointed, hurt, and baffled reactions below.

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