Spotify celebrated the drop of Drake’s Scorpion with an intensive promotional campaign — even on Spotify's premium subscriptions, which are billed as being ad-free.

Spotify plastered its landing page with playlists and banners relating to Drake and his latest album, covering playlists — including ones without any Drake tracks — with pictures of him. Playlist headers carried slogans such as “Have a happy FriDrake” and “Thank God it’s FriDrake,” with Spotify tweeting, "There's a @Drake for practically every mood. #ScorpionSZN is here. Listen now on Spotify."

One Spotify user took to Reddit and shared chat transcripts with Spotify’s customer service team, claiming that the streaming service had refunded the user’s payment for the month after they had complained about the Drake promotion. However, other Reddit posts say that claims for refunds have been rejected, as the Drake playlists were "not a form of advertising but a form of recognition to the artist."

Twitter was also stacked with annoyed users keen to vent their views on the Drake-laden Spotify interface. Browse some of the best replies below.

You don't know what you want

Drake can master any genre

Real talk

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