This story was updated on November 10.

As big as Supreme is, it knows that silence is its best strategy. The brand rarely announces its next move and leaves fans clinging to leaks and rumors as they await the brand's next move.

The latest round of rumblings suggested that Supreme's latest shakeup isn't related to clothing at all (probably for the best) - and they were right. Specifically, Supreme is opening its latest flagship store in Berlin.

Supreme has been nothing if not selective about its store locations. It still only has four American shops: two in New York and two more in California.

It also just opened Supreme Milan earlier this year, bringing its European store count to three.

Berlin makes plenty of sense for 'Preme.

It's a hip city with a melting pot culture not unlike that of Supreme's hometown.

A longtime hub for streetwear and sneaker culture, Berlin hosts loads of like-minded creative types like Firmament, 032c, and this one media company called Highsnobiety (you may be familiar?). There's a readymade community here that's well-prepared for a new Supreme store.

As an anonymous source initially told us, Supreme is setting up shop at Torstraße 74. The space has been under construction for a while but some 'Preme-branded flyers pointed to the address before it opened.

More glaringly, if you Googled the address within the last month, you'd have seen that it had already been cached as a Supreme store — a pretty good sign that paperwork has been filled out and websites updated.

There'll be a friends and family event on November 10, according to our source, before Supreme Berlin opens its doors the next day, complete with a themed Box Logo T-shirt.

It's not like Supreme has been terribly coy about the reveal, though. Several of its recent Instagram posts have had Berlin geotags and the city has shown up in the backdrop of some recent shoots.

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