If it feels like you have been waiting a long time for Tinashe’s upcoming sophomore album Joyride, it may be because you have been waiting a loooong tiiiime for it. Tracks from the forthcoming followup to her Amethyst mixtape from last year have been trickling in slower than a milkshake that refuses to melt. The last bit of music we got out of her was “Ride of Your Life” way back in February, a slinky little ditty that boasted production courtesy of Metro Boomin. But now, sweeter than that milkshake that refuses to melt, we get “Joyride,” a new joint featuring Travis Scott that—rules be damned—should be the song of the summer.

The track gives you approximately seven seconds of Tinashe’s pitch-perfect cooing before a drum roll steeped in reverb comes crashing into the party now starting in your eardrums. The verse displays Tinashe’s rumbling, sultry lower register before the chorus descends with the most catchy set of “la la la’s” heard this side of a Rihanna track. It’s so classically Rihanna-catchy that Rihanna herself was reportedly interested in using this song, one of the explanations put forth by Tinashe for the album delay. But before she sweeps us away in total pop ecstasy, Travis Scott swoops in with an affecting auto-tune-coda that would have Dark Fantasy-era Kanye nodding his head in approval.

Hype for Tinashe’s Joyride was real, but damn girl if this really is the title track to that album, it’s time to cough up.

Listen to “Joyride” in full below, and stay tuned for that album to drop:

In other collaborative music news, Kanye West has hopped on a fiery new remix of Desiigner’s hit “Tiimmy Turner.”

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