This past week A$AP Rocky's home was robbed in a $1.5 million heist, male rompers made the internet go mad, a Supreme Sopranos box logo tee surfaced on Grailed, and Travis Scott dropped a mugshot tee following his arrest.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

#10 commented on: KITH & Bergdorf Goodman Team up for a Premium Capsule Collection

Christopher back from the dead

<strong>Juan Sanchez</strong>

#09 commented on: Watch Riff Raff Give an Over-the-Top Tour of His Extravagant "Codeine Castle"

Well at least his dogs are happy, good thing they are colour blind and aren't bothered what the furniture looks like.

<strong>Greg Allan</strong>

#08 commented on: La Flame with his new flame, Kylie Jenner ?

III Everytime shes with a new dude she absorbs their style, part of their soul, and takes a bit of their energy with her on her Majin Buu shit.

<strong>Michael Flanagan</strong>

#07 commented on: Travis Scott Drops "Free the Rage" Mugshot Tee, But You've Only Got 48 Hours to Cop

This guy got himself arrested, made a t shirt with his mugshot and now I have to pay 45$ to have it. Perfect, I'll go f**k myself then.

<strong>Lorenzo Salamone</strong>

#06 commented on: Ralph Lauren Reports $204 Million Loss in Fourth Quarter

because 1/2 these motherfuckers out here wearing "us polo assn" talking about "it's the same thing" and "how's it fake?"

<strong>Jose Luis Castro Jr.</strong>

#05 commented on: This 1999 Supreme Sopranos Box Logo Tee Can Be Yours for $5,400

If anyone could pitch in a little, like 54 people with 100$ each I would buy it

<strong>Tom Erik Sannerhaugen</strong>

#04 commented on: The Internet Is Fighting Male Rompers With Memes & They're Hilarious

Male rompers, proud sponsors of the chainsmokers, international vaping competitions and fyre festival

<strong>George Pastor</strong>

#03 commented on: Jordan Brand Launches the Jordan Fly '89, Inspired by the Air Jordan 4

Inspired by the 4? nah, these are straight rip offs of Y3 Qasa Lows

<strong>Nick Cousins</strong>

#02 commented on: Chanel Is Selling a $1,325 Boomerang & People Are Pissed

Bro when I throw this it better come straight back and knock me the fuck out cos clearly I cannot be trusted to make choices

<strong>Murtaaz Butt</strong>

#01 commented on: A$AP Rocky's Home Has Been Robbed in a $1.5m Heist

A$AP: I lost $1.5m thats my fucking problem

<strong>John Cheung</strong>

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