There's no debate when it comes to Travis Scott's soaring level of fame, and in PAPER magazine's latest "Living Fashion" issue, the rap star is getting his own feature complete with a sick photoshoot. Featuring an eccentric collection of shots, the rap star can be seen wearing a plethora of high-end pieces from various fashion houses, such as Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Dior Homme.

One of the most interesting aspects from PAPER magazine's feature is the notion of Scott's rock star persona being contrasted by his sometimes lazy appearance, arriving to his interview with PAPER dressed "In sweatpants and a hoodie, he looks less like the rock star we've come to expect and more like the guy next door."

Select excerpts from the interview can be seen below:

On the subject of his enormous success:

"I just want to stay focused, there's more shit to do, and I've got a lot more to accomplish."

On his biggest source of inspiration in Kid Cudi:

"He was like the guy that could rap, make a hook, and make a beat, and do a video and show you the life. That's what I strive to be."

On working with Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000:

"I look at them as the best artists, so for them to come to my world and rap with me is crazy."

For the full piece, head over to PAPER magazine's official site.

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