Not exactly renowned for his grammatical prowess, Travis Scott’s mom has now taken issue with her son’s recent bout of poor spelling on social media. The Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight rapper will soon be releasing his third full album, AstroWorld, but despite a wealth of experience in the songwriting department behind his multiple full-lengths, it appears he’s still struggling with spelling words like ‘happiness.’

A couple of days ago, the Houston rapper used 'happyness' in a series of tweets referring to Portland - which he explains is his favorite place in America.

Fans of La Flame jumped to his defense, arguing that he can spell the word however he sees fit.

However, Trav’s mother wasn’t too impressed with her son’s very public misspelling, worrying it might look bad on her part.

Classic motherly concern, but the real question here is - why is Travis’s keyboard in Spanish? Maybe that explains the Mamacita artist’s misspelling. Get the full look inside his recent “BIRDS EYE VIEW” pop-up at SXSW here, and check out his video for “biebs in the trap” with NAV below.

In other music news, you can check out the full production credits for Drake's More Life (which feature everyone from Sonic the Hedgehog to Kanye West) here.

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