In light of Nike's forthcoming “Day to Night” Air VaporMax collection, we got to ask Travis Scott a few short questions regarding his first encounter with the silhouette, his tour's current sneaker rotation, as well as his favorite Air Max release ever. An interview that seems all too fitting considering Scott's work is laced with references to the day's many hours, heard in famed tracks such as “Antidote” and “through the late night.”

Amongst such questions, we were able to answer the question that has been lingering on everyone's mind, and that is, where the young star gets all of his creative energy from. Besides making headlines after performing his hit track “goosebumps” a record-breaking 15 times, Scott's latest interview is a concise look into one of his life's many creative outputs, and what it is that makes the man himself tick stylistically.

What were your first impressions when you tried on the Nike Air VaporMax?

The first time I saw them, was when I performed in them. When I saw the all-black ones, I thought, “these are crazy!” They are comfortable and I was flying when I performed in them.

Can you name a few other Nikes or Jordans that you keep in your current tour rotation?

I've been wearing 1s lately. I like the crazy colors, but I've also been wearing the Royals, Breds and Backboards.

What other favorites do you have in Nike's Air Max series?

The really crazy silver ones...the 97s. I also really liked the Patta version. I like that you can go retro with them.

Now, the question on everyone's mind, where do you get your creative energy from?

I won’t lie, I get creative energy from everywhere. I find inspiration in everything; not just in music. I find my inspiration in movies, in fashion, with designers, or even going to art and fashion shows. I find inspiration in different stuff. Maybe that inspiration is in women’s or men’s handbags, or even in men’s or women’s clothes. Maybe it is in film, or cars, or even architecture.

What is the most inspiring and energizing time of day for you?


Speaking of Patta, the Amsterdam-based label just teamed up with Vans on a “Mean Eyed Cat” Old Skool capsule collection. Check it out here.

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