As sales associates gird their loins for the Day of Reckoning (aka Saturday's drop of the coveted Yeezy 750 Boost), retailer Undefeated will be coming through the clutch by boldly choosing to withhold from selling the 11 pairs they've been allocated. Instead, the store will be giving each pair away to customers who choose to devote their time to causes other than themselves, which is a diamond in the rough amidst the many materialistic brutes within the sneakerhead community. Random acts of kindness, volunteer work or organizing for social justice are a few of the many kind gestures which can help your chances in winning a pair of the limited edition Boosts.

Starting March 1, Undefeated will be gifting one pair of adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts per day. To be considered, post an Instagram video of your social contribution using the tag #UndefeatedSelfessAct. For more information visit

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