will smith old town road lil nas x
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Will Smith is the latest celebrity to throw their hat into the “Old Town Road” ring. The Lil Nas X trap-country cross-over hit united the internet after Billboard pulled the track from its Hot Country Songs chart. Since then, country veteran Billy Ray Cyrus dropped a surprisingly catchy remix of the track, winning him new fans well beyond the country circuit.

Now it seems Will Smith wants to ride the country wave. The actor/rapper and burgeoning stand up comedian took to Instagram to post a mashup of shots from his 1999 “Wild Wild West” music video, which is expertly dubbed with the remix. The caption reads, “Y’all call me when you’re ready to shoot the video.”

It looks like Lil Nas X is on board with the idea. In a reply captured by Comments by Celebs, he responded “NO FUCKING WAY.”

Smith’s clip was made by Westbrook Studios and edited by Dave Phelps.

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