As today is all about Kanye West's YEEZY Season 5 showcase at NYFW, here we've decided to take a look back at all of 'Ye's fashion show invites throughout the years.

As you can tell, Kanye likes to go with the unique approach of sharing an article of clothing surrounding each seasonal showcase. We've seen him utilize a white windbreaker (Season 1), a camouflage long-sleeve T-shirt (Season 2), a green coach jacket (Season 3), a brightly-colored long-sleeve tee (Season 4), and now, an olive-shaded long-sleeve crewneck (Season 5) for his most recent delivery.

For additional details on each invite piece, see below.

Season 1

The inaugural invite consisted of a simple tyvek anorak with a giant "3" on the back—a nod to adidas' three stripes. Cut loosely in one size, it set the tone for seasons to come.

Season 2

The following season, YEEZY sent out X-Large camouflage long sleeve tees from army outfitter Rothco. As in Season 1, a sleeve hit denoted the show's time and location. A simple screenprinted "Season 2" on the chest set this simple tee apart.

Season 3

The invite to Kanye West's biggest show yet was printed on a X-Large golf green coaches jacket from Augusta Sportswear. A giant "Season 3" emblazoned across the back made this invite more noticeable than Season 2's. Show details again appeared as a graphic hit on the sleeve.

Season 4

For Season 4, the invites were originally meant to be collaborative trackpants with adidas. The minimal trousers had a "Calabasas" patch seen onto the right leg, and came in multiple colorways. A small graphic hit on the back of the thigh contained show information, and small logos on the front channelled football gear with co-branded "adidas Calabasas" marks.

These now-covetable pieces didn't make it to show invitees in time, and ended up going to select buyers and a very fortunate few. Instead, the YEEZY team tapped Bravado, the merchandising arm of West's music label, to create two long sleeve tees that were made available for purchase at the show. The tees cost $75 each, and came in white and highlighter yellow. Echoing Season 3's invite, a "Season 4" graphic runs across the back, with show invite notes on the chest. Additionally, the tees were branded as "Season 4 Invite."

Season 5

West continues to rep Calabasas with his latest invite, a XXL sweatshirt with chenille "LOST HILLS" letters on the stomach and sleeves. Made in the USA out of a substantial jersey fleece, the olive green tone fits in with West's oft-used military references in his YEEZY collections.

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