YEEZY Season 5 has come and gone, but the content mill around the event has been ongoing. Thus far, we've debated the collection's successes and failures, figured out how you can get Kanye's look for less and speculated what vintage sneaker may have inspired Season 5's gloriously fugly YEEZY Runner. Now, we set our sights on the clan of youngsters who graced the catwalk (or jumbotron LED screen) in the actual show.

Meet Bari Diamond, aka "Jacuzzi," a 20-something creative currently tearing up the Big Apple's fashion underworld. If Jacuzzi looks familiar, it might be because you've seen him lurking about some smoggy after-hours shindig in East Jesus Nowhere Brooklyn or walking in Hood By Air's SS17 show last fashion week.

If you still can't pinpoint where you've spotted the bald-headed eccentric covered in occult symbol face tattoos, maybe our shoot with buzzy downtown streetwear store Homies Wonderland, where Jacuzzi works as head designer, rings a bell?

Either way, the emerging fashion star has been causing some commotion in NYC's thriving underground community for a minute now, but could his YEEZY modeling gig finally be his big break? As we've seen with show veterans Luka Sabbat, Amina Blue and Lil Yachty, a cosign via Kanye can boost one's popularity overnight, or at the very least expose them to a wider, more mainstream audience (the follower counts don't lie).

We caught up with Jacuzzi to find out how he ended up in the show, what it was like working with Kanye and what we can expect from him in 2017.

What do you do for a living?


How long have you been living in New York City? 

Three years on and off. I'm in Los Angeles or New Orleans other than that.

Describe your day to day.

Wake up, get coffee, smoke trees with my siblings Mahi Montana and the most beautiful, Wigwam. Rearrange my anxiety into beautiful art as always LOL, then "lalala $$$," def working on get better at the "lalala" though LOL.

What inspires you most about NYC?

The way you can exploit and make something so pure and unique mundane. :-)

How did walking in YEEZY Season 5 come about?

My good friend, Evelien Joos.

What were your initial thoughts when you got the job?

Should have been, makes total sense. I'm the look of the future, if that's what you want to call it.

What was it like working with Kanye?

Amazing. Learned so much in two black excellence.

Did you have any expectations? Were they met?

Nah cause I'm here, that's all that matters. But shit was classics, I feel like he expressed the ideas he mentioned in the show.

What was the vibe backstage pre-show?

Poppin' bottles, well that's what me and Mahi Montana were doing, and with the loveliest of ladies.

This isn't your first time walking in a fashion show. What feeling do you experience the most once you walk out on the runway?

Some thinks I'm beautiful, hah.

Would you continue to walk in fashion shows?

One a season, if any.

What brands do you think are killing it right now?


What influences can be found in your creative work?


Who or what are you currently inspired by?

Blue money diamonds, my mother and me.

What can we expect to see from you in 2017.


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