It happens every single time, as if on cue. Kanye West reveals his latest sneaker and Twitter goes wild with users roasting the new design and ridiculing Kanye’s creative vision from behind a screen.

The latest YEEZY to feel the heat was the YEEZY “Mud Rat” 500 that Kim Kardashian West flexed in recently.

Users compared the model to Sketchers and orthopedic shoes as if these same people aren’t going to be camping out for a week straight to cop them at release or won’t be begging their friends and family to sign up to raffles for them.

Whatever the excuse may be, some of the reactions are, admittedly, quite funny, so we’ve rounded up the best of the lot below for your viewing pleasure.

Honestly they look like they’d work on court

Must have been an early, early, early sample

Here are the usual comparisons

For the “Start Packs” lovers

The name confused some

While others thought it could have a deeper meaning

These are just lol

And then there were those that kept it real from day 1

Before the Mud Rat there was the Desert Rat which, surprisingly, didn’t get as much hate.

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