Following the release of the Yeezy 350 Boost, we investigate how Kanye West's adidas sneakers stack up to their Nike counterparts on the resell market.

Kanye West's latest foray into footwear design may have been under the Three Stripes and not the Swoosh, but that doesn't mean the response to the newest addition to the Yeezy lineage has been any less frenzied. Overnight campouts, instant sellouts, tons of Instagram flexing - you know the drill. Now that Mr West's adidas collaboration is two sneakers deep (three, if you count the recently-dropped black version of the 350 Boost), we thought we'd investigate the series' performance on the resell market - and see how they hold up against the original Nike Yeezys.

Our data is supplied by the guys over at sneakerhead database Campless - who track and analyze thousands of eBay sneaker sales.

Both Kanye and adidas made it clear from the beginning of their project that the latest sneakers bearing Yeezy's name would be much more readily available than his previous Nike shoes. Given that a sneaker's resell value is based on rarity above all else, it's hardly surprising that the adidas Yeezys are not fetching the same sky-high prices as their Nike counterparts on the secondary market.

While the Yeezy 2 Red October will most likely be top of the pile forever thanks to the ridiculous fiasco surrounding its release, the 750 Boost is giving Nike's Yeezy 1 a run for its money, value-wise, while the recently-released 350 Boost lags way behind at a mere $861 average price (which, to be fair, is still no pocket change). No doubt Kanye's promises that his adidas sneakers would be re-stocked down the line have effected their value - who would shell out Red October money for a sneaker that's probably going to drop again in a few months?

The graph above shows the amount of Nike and adidas Yeezys on eBay in run up to the 350 Boost's release; and the chaos that erupted on the resell market following the drop. As with most high-profile releases, the vast majority of resold 350 Boosts hit the market immediately after they were bought - when prices and demand are highest. The 350 Boost's average price in the 48 hours following its release was $917 - which settled down to $861 in the weeks that followed.

What's really interesting, however, is the huge spike in Nike Yeezys hitting eBay around the time of the shoe's release. Building up in the second half of June and culminating in a whopping 988 pairs in the 48 hours after release day, Nike's Yeezy sneakers actually out-sold the 350 Boost on eBay. No doubt enterprising sneakerheads were keen to capitalize on the hysteria surrounding the sneaker's release to make a quick buck (or thousand).

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Infographics by Dan Freebairn

Data kindly supplied by Campless

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