Where the runway meets the street

Maybe it is because I am wearing a pair of the Zara Seamed Bermuda shorts we showed you a little while back—they with the droopy Bedouin crotch—but these preview shots from Jan-Jan Van Essche‘s forthcoming “In Awe” collection are looking pretty, pretty good. Maybe, also, I am getting weird in my old age. Even two years ago, I would have never entertained the notion of billow pants with a floppy carriage, very long dress shirts or sweater shawl things.

Now all I want to do is get comfy in this stuff and freak out my co-workers. That having been said, there are hints at a blend of exaggerated and understated looks on the way, and the mild color palate offsets many of the dramatic and flowing Romani elements. It is almost as if we are looking at a J.Crew catalog from 2053.

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