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Our latest in-house editorial, titled “Corner Shop,” highlights a slew of emerging young brands and the multiculturalism of Belleville, Paris’s 20th district.

Shot at night by photographer Sara Sani, “Corner Shop”- named after the role these neighborhood stores play in serving underprivileged communities and how they act as venerable urban landmarks for locals to shop and gather at – shows model Louïs Rault wearing developing brands like Futur, Applecore and Nattofranco, the latter line belonging to editorial stylist Noémie Sebayashi.

To see more, check out our Summer 2016 “Girls in Supreme” editorial.

  • Photography: Sara Sani
  • Styling: Noémie Sebayashi
  • Model: Louïs Rault
  • Brands featured: Futur, Applecore, This Is Never That, Bedwin & The Heartbreakers, Natto Franco, O'Ballou, Prmtvo & Nike Lab
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