Tune in and turn up

It’s a typical day on the Internet: people are debating Kanye West with the kind of violent emotion usually reserved for politics. This time it’s all about whether the Yeezy Season 5 collection is fire or just a garbage fire. Forget about all of that for a second though – what we should really be talking about is the soundtrack. West didn’t introduce any of his own new music as he has in the past, instead he opted for 20 minutes worth of mid-2000s R&B gold.

The people behind the magic are Los Angeles-based duo Samo Sound Boy and Jerome Potter, who together are DJDS. Thanks to the internet’s forever memory they unearthed an old demo of The Dream – in full falsetto mode – singing the hell out of “Bed,” which most of us understandably immediately associate with J. Holiday. Though it is technically Holiday’s once-popular single, Terius Nash, aka “The Dream” is listed as one of the writers, and has even shared the song was originally penned for Chris Brown. DJDS’ version oozes sexuality and a kind of atmospheric darkness that just falls on the ears like velvet. It’s that good.

If “Bed” already makes you feel nostalgic for the days of BET’s “Midnight Love,” or the infectious sound of mid-2000s R&B in general, this version will probably recoup every L you took in 2016. Press play to enjoy and then peep the view from the catwalk below.

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