From the ground up

Sneaker vlogger Seth Fowler has released a video giving a hilarious review of the new “Sketchers YEEZY” aka Sketchers “modern jogger.”

Fowler talks us through the blatant YEEZY copy, describing the “sportknit upper” and in a tone ripping with sarcasm, announces that this sneaker is the “future of footwear,” and that he’s “blown away by the color and the originality” of the orange stripe.

Fowler then gives us a demonstration of the sketchers on foot, before getting serious about how we shouldn’t support ripoff brands.

While we agree with his message, maybe next time Fowler delivers an impassioned speech about supporting brands, he shouldn’t do it wearing an “ironic” Supreme ripoff.

Watch the video above.

In other sneaker news, BAPE is bringing back the BAPESTA Low in OG colorways.

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