Cop It, Then Rock It

Comfort is paramount and brands, like Champion, are acutely aware of this fashion necessity. Take these unisex overalls that just dropped. Composed of fleece and cotton, with multiple pockets, these overalls are comfort at its best.

The old school favorite harkens back to the ’90s when celebrities such as the Salt-N-Peppa trio or Will Smith (think Fresh Prince of Bel Air days) rocked the one-piece. Today, the overall is gradually making a comeback. For athleticwear companies, this is a chance to revamp a beloved favorite.

Paired with a hoodie underneath or a comfy turtleneck, the overall look is one that goes far. You can even rock a blazer over it along with your go-to kicks.

So pay attention to what’s dropping boys and girls.

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Words by Molly Hannon
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