While slippers tend to conjure up images of cozy winter evenings by the fire, there are tons of slip-on styles that are plenty stylish enough to wear out of the crib. Take the ever-fashionable A$AP Rocky. The rapper has been known to trade in sneakers for fur-lined loafers — a Gucci loafer to be precise. Whether it’s a live concert or a fashion show, Rocky proves the perks of the slip-on and how its relaxed, understated style can add a refreshing change to any ‘fit.

Below, we’ve got a list of six eclectic slip-ons that you could wear to a cocktail party, at home, or to after-work functions in the evening. It might even be hard to return to regular footwear after you starting wearing these cozy numbers.

Slip on suede slippers



Princetown fur-lined velvet loafers



Ex-Ugg Merino Snow Slippers

Ex Infinitas


Velvet evening Slippers



Logo Embroidered Slipper



Nuptse Tent Mule III

The North Face


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Words by Molly Hannon
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