9to5Mac has revealed leaked images of Apple's Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones. This comes during a big week for Apple, including the announcements of a new credit card, a gaming subscription service, a news subscription service, and the AppleTV+ steaming service.

The brand's iOS12.2 came out this week and it contains animations and images of wireless Powerbeats headphones similar in style to the Powerbeats3 design. The case for the new headphones is reminiscent of the new AirPods wireless charging case.

In its report, 9to5Mac states that the new Powerbeats Pro headphones will support hands-free "Hey Siri" commands. They are also expected to contain the new H1 chip. Unlike the AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro headphones appear to come in both black and white.

It might seem odd for Apple to compete with its new AirPods, but the products serve different users. Powerbeats have clips to keep them on the ears better, so are more suited for working out than AirPods. They also have different tips for better noise cancellation.

There's no official news yet regarding the headphones, but given the assets on iOS12.2, we should expect them in the near future.

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