Here at Highsnobiety, we love to talk about football kits. Recently the jerseys of some of the worlds best clubs have become bigger talking points than the team's performances on the pitch and kit suppliers are constantly looking to the world of fashion for inspiration, in the hopes, their designs will cross over beyond the pitches and terraces to highly-coveted style items.

Whilst many clubs have gone all out, hitting up collabs with some of streetwear's major players, FC Bayern has been quietly releasing some iconic jerseys with adidas whilst also bringing it during the 90 minutes. The current German champions and European big hitters are known for their efficient, classy, no-nonsense style of play that's as effective as it is stylish. It's Bayern's way of playing that also makes them the perfect partner for German automobile company Audi. No-nonsense, efficient, effective, and always stylish. To celebrate the expansion of the partnership to the European level, the club's official car supplier and shirt sleeve sponsor in Europe's elite class are now pushing its relationship into new more experimental realms with a collaborative effort that will make every FC Bayern fan's heart flutter with excitement.

Audi is now offering the pioneer of its electric future the Audi RS e-tron GT in a full one-of-a-kind FC Bayern livery design. The Audi RS e-tron GT FC Bayern Edition is fully wrapped in a livery inspired by this seasons adidas designed third jersey. The jersey celebrates Bayern's European prestige whilst bringing in elements of the snowcapped Alps located to the south of the Bavarian capital. This is not just a quick slape and paste livery job though, careful attention, creativity, and detail has been put into how the jersey is re-configured to fit the beautiful sculpting of the e-tron GT and accentuate its clean technical lines and the individual character of the vehicle. The body of the e-tron GT appears to have been adorned with a technical grid system that emphasizes key elements of the vehicle's design language. The e-tron GT FC Bayern livery whilst paying homage to the historic club is equally an ode to the vehicle it encompasses, directing the passer-by's gaze to the elegance of the vehicle's elegant form and sculpturing.

FC Bayern is also known for its attention to detail in the game, with a history of managers who pride themselves on the precision of every play. The same goes for the Audi RS e-tron GT FC Bayern edition. Beyond the bodywork, you will discover an ice-cold wheel design and carefully placed partner logos to the front, rear, and side of the car.

Audi and FC Bayern have been rolling in success together as partners since 2002 and with this limited-edition livery, it's exciting to see where the partnership will go in the future.

Find out more about the Audi RS e-tron GT FC Bayern edition here.

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