Trend behavior is such a humorous phenomenon, especially for guys. It goes without saying that the fashion industry has experienced a tremendous spike in diversity within the style-forward male sector, whose wardrobes now consist of more than just a rotation of suits and oxford shirts. From vintage metal T-shirts and ripped denim to motocross-inspired gear and statement sneakers, guys these days are always striving for new ways to push the limits when it comes to how they style themselves.

It’s interesting, then, that while we’ve witnessed an overt interest in all things alternative and niche from the male consumer market, designers are now looking towards the ordinary, corporate and mundane for inspiration – at least that’s what we’ve noticed on runways all throughout the FW17 fashion week circuit.

We’re dubbing this trend #officecore, and we predict that it’ll be all the rage among street style regulars and Instagram-savvy folk in forthcoming months, but to make sure that you’re ahead of the curve, we’ve provided a few tips on how to achieve a business casual look without looking like a homely insurance salesman.

Sportswear Meets Corp-wear

Suit – Maestro Sylvio NYC, Jacket – Acne Studios, Sweater – Stylist's Own, Belt – The Tie Bar, Shoes – Reebok

A sporty jacket thrown on top of a dapper suit is a sure-fire way to get that “rewards club member who still gets down to Migos” look. Finish off with a fresh pair of kicks, and you’ve got just the right mix of preppy conservatism and street causal.

Cubicle Couture

Glasses – RETROSUPERFUTURE, Jacket – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tee – Landlord, Shirt – Marni, Shorts – Todd Snyder, Shoes – New Balance

If you’re going to opt for a bulky blazer, make sure your shirt underneath pops in some way so that you don’t get washed out too much. Shorts also makes the whole getup look less stiff and makes those who fall a bit short on the foot count look slightly taller.

Conference Room Don

Jacket – Landlord, Shirt – Acne Studios, Tie – Marni, Pants – Missoni, Shoes – Raf Simons x adidas

If you’ve got a conference meeting scheduled or are gearing up to propose some #fuego business plan to your colleagues, show off your fleek factor by wearing some subtle but eye-catching pants to make the usual shirt-tie-pants rotation not seem so predictable.

American Psycho Baller

Jacket – Issey Miyake, Shirt – Homic, Tie – Givenchy, Pants – Stautberg, Shoes – New Balance

Alright, so you might need to save this look for the post-work happy hour, but if you want to embrace your inner style savant, try the off-the-shoulder trend with one of your suits.

Prep School Swag

Glasses – RETROSUPERFUTURE, Shirt – Ovadia & Sons, Jeans – Ovadia & Sons, Pants – Acne Studios, Belt – The Tie Bar, Sweater – Stautberg, Shoes – Reebok

Admit it, you definitely took style cues from Ryan Philippe’s character in Cruel Intentions (the main inspiration behind this here look) when you were a teen. A denim under-layer over some pleated trousers and a pair of clunky sneakers adds a modest street quirk and dials down the trust fund baby douchiness just a tad.

Flex & Balances

Sweater – New Look, Jacket – Gucci, Trousers – Ovadia & Sons, Shoes – New Balance, Glasses – RETROSUPERFUTURE, Suspenders – Tie Bar

Toughen up that geometry teacher swag with a black leather jacket (brown is too dull). Gives the impression that you know your way around a Pythagorean theorem but can also swing a punch if you need to.

Wolf of Wall Street Fleek

Jacket – Ovadia & Sons, Shirt – Ovadia & Sons, Tee – Fucking Awesome, Trousers – Homic, Glasses – RETROSUPERFUTURE, Shoes – Reebok

Work a 9-5 at a telemarketing agency but still thrive to Slayer on your spare time? Slip that graphic tee under a spiffy blazer coat to show that metal heads can do corporate after all, despite popular belief.

Country Club Baller

Shirt – Landlord, Jacket – Marni, Shorts – Kenneth Ning, Belt – The Tie Bar, Cap – Editor's Own, Shoes – Doc Martens

This neo-normcore getup is appropriate for both a lunch date with your parents and some swanky after-party. A long leather coat really goes a long way in making a basic mailman outfit look fire, not to mention that Docs and shorts is always a great choice when you want to achieve an “alt chic” look.

Raves & Acquisitions

Leather Shirt – Kenzo, Pants – Gucci, Glasses – RETROSUPERFUTURE, Watch – Vintage, Shoes – New Balance

Not sure how open your boss is to having you show up to work looking like a character from Hackers, but for all you rave aficionados out there, here’s a look to draw inspiration from whenever you want to bring the party out during daytime activities.

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Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America