As much as we tout the allure of travel and vacationing for the healing effects that time spent away provides, there are plenty of people who use a new locale for an opportunity to dabble in vice.

Bloomberg recently compiled a list of the cheapest places in the world to dabble in both legal and illicit substances, crowning Luxembourg the champion (where it costs only 10 percent of the $2,071 average weekly to indulge), while the Bahamas, Switzerland, Iceland, France, Norway, and the Netherlands rounded out the the rest of the top five most affordable destinations.

Conversely, the cost of maintaining a drug, alcohol, and cigarette habit rose in the U.S. more than any other place in the world. Despite the increase, the United States places 38th (down from 17th) in the sample of 75 countries on figures pointing to 54 percent of weekly pay, or $617 USD, dedicated to body-altering chemicals.

As for the most expensive places in the world to get one’s fix, the distinction goes to Russia, followed by Ghana, Albania, Thailand, and Japan.

Head over to Bloomberg to see the entire breakdown.

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  • Source: Bloomberg
  • Main / Featured Image: Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images
Words by Alec Banks
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