Childish Gambino‘s animated visuals for “Feels Like Summer” has been online for less than a week and already the internet is inundated with theories regarding the video’s meaning. As per his last viral hit “This is America,” social media has taken note of every last detail, from the clip’s star-studded list of cameos to the song’s lyrics.

While Gambino himself has yet to speak about the project, illustrator Justin Richburg, credited as designing the animated characters, spoke with BBC about his own interpretation. “The concept of the video is that you’re just walking down the street on a summer day while the sun’s going down,” Richburg said. “Something like that just happened to be random because anything could be happening down a block. It was basically like a block party that Childish Gambino is walking from.”

Scenes featuring Kanye West’s MAGA hatNicki Minaj playing with Travis Scott, as well as solemn depictions of Kid Cudi and Chris Brown have fast become talking points. As such, we’ve gathered some of the best fan theories below.

Gambino is warning listeners about climate change and the effects of global warming

Kanye West has become the very thing he once despised

Gambino is addressing the state of West’s mental health

’Ye is in the sunken place or a shadow of his former self

Nicki Minaj feels undermined by Travis Scott

Chris Brown cannot move on from his past

The ice-cream is a tribute to the late XXXTentacion

Azealia Banks is still an outsider in the rap industry

Kid Cudi’s public and private battle with mental health

Soulja Boy reflects on his glory days

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