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With Spring/Summer 2017 rolling around, Darkdron has tapped Sky Ferreira to showcase the brand’s second collection. Inspired by their Norwegian metal roots, the label’s most recent offering presents a dystopian future vision where human drama becomes pleasure.

Titled “Unwelcome,” the SS17 collection references Friday The 13th‘s machete-wielding murderer Jason and the hardcore fans of Insane Clown Posse – The Juggalos. With the metal and hardcore themes readily apparent in the collection, each piece features an almost vintage aesthetic reminiscent of the rock-and-roll era.

In addition to the actual collection, Darkdron has released a soundtrack to coincide with the new range which you can listen to below.

After checking out the gallery above as well as tuning into the soundtrack, make sure you visit Darkdron’s website to pick up some of their most recent offerings.

Words by Marcus Cho