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This past weekend, Houston welcomed the sophomore rendition of its annual, multi-discipline Day For Night Festival. Held at the abandoned Barbara Jordan Post Office located in the city’s Downtown district, the event served as an immersive experience of light and sound that summoned an eclectic roster of artists and musicians from all over the world.

On the art side of things, the biggest draw was undoubtedly Björk’s interactive digital experience, where hundreds waited hours on end for each of the festival’s three days to engage with the singer’s work through advanced VR technology.

But for those who were unwilling to spend a half-day standing in a queue (myself included), there were still plenty of visually (and aurally) arresting installations to go around; one attraction, called TUNDRA, included a long hall filled with red lasers that formed a grid reminiscent of a scene from Cube, while another room, AV&C and Houzé’s Phases, featured beams of light that oscillated at a reflective chandelier and spasmed across the walls to pounding techno beats.

The festival’s musical portion was equally as meteoric. From IDM icon Aphex Twin (in what marked his first US performance in eight years) to rapper du jour Travis Scott to experimental producer Arca to Björk herself (even though she only played a DJ set, much to the crowd’s chagrin), the lineup covered a broad spectrum of genres that satiated the sonic appetites of all music fans.

Given its diversification, Day For Night’s crowd proved as pungent as the spicy plates of Texas barbecue being served at the venue’s many food trucks. The Lone Star State may, as a whole, lean towards conservative political views, but the festival’s array of eye-grabbing outfits proved anything but traditional.

Between HBA goths, hypebaes, YEEZY aficionados and ‘Preme heads, here are 19 of the best looks spotted at Houston’s Day For Night Festival 2016. Which looks will we see you rocking at your next festival?

Palace Princess

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Bogo Phone Home

HBA Goth

Denim Don

Can You Even Skate, Bro?


The North BAPE

Too Normcore to Care

Stüssy Hospitality

YEEZY Tycoon

Alt Country


Flannel Fit



Flex Surgeon

Festival Witch


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Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America