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Many will welcome the opening of London’s very own RRL store on Mount Street with feverish excitement. Fans of the brand have had it hard, getting hold of this much protected label hasn’t been easy but with the Liberty concession, a shiny new web showcase and now a denim and canvas clad temple to finally worship at, many an addiction will finally be fed. The expansion continues. As if to get consumers truly hooked, goods are now available to buy online. Shop from the comfort of your sofa, browse at 4am, purchase while eating chicken noodle soup. We’d like to recommend this heavyweight shawl cardigan, taking Fairisle to a new level. 100% lambswool, this is the star of the show. So, wearing 7 year old sweatpants and a t-shirt you got free from the gym? Go ahead and hit the website, Ralph can’t see you now.

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