post malone apocalypse bunker
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Once again, our ever-sarcastic readership have let their opinions be known through a variety of biting, silly, and straight-up savage remarks. Your opinions mean a lot to us and we take our duty of rounding up a selection of the internet’s best comments very seriously. And we do it so that those of you not directly partaking in the banter may still enjoy all the light-hearted jokes made at the expense of others.

This week, Post Malone’s end-of-the-world Utah hideaway garnered him some creative new nicknames, the new iPhone brought out the trypophobia in everyone, and people joked that Kanye got emotional over Chance’s last album.

Be sure to keep your funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime, check out the stories about Post Malone’s bunker, Kanye getting emotional at Sunday Service, and much more below.

Virgil is “out of office”

Virgil Abloh Fashion Week Sitting Glasses
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Original Post: Virgil Abloh Is Taking Months Off Work on Doctor’s Orders

10.  “Sabbatical” – Andrew Garcia

It’s tax season for Thugger

young thug performing
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Original Post: Young Thug Slapped With $145,000 Fine for Failing to Pay His Taxes

9.  “His mind was most definitely not on his money.. 🤔” – Billy Kort

Ariana Grande is coming for your Halloween costume

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Original Post: Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey Unite for ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Music Video

8.  “Lmao is ariana gonna sue people for wearing angel costumes next month…” – Laurli Melita

The Wiley-Drake beef has been reignited

wiley drake ed sheeran rant nicki minaj
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Original Post: Wiley Takes Shots at Drake, Says He’s a “Culture Vulture” & OVO Has “Shit Record Deals”

7.  “He sound like a girl you just broke up with trying to act like she dumped you first, lookin like Antonio brown of hip hop, minus the talent.” – Tyler Pruett

Kanye got emotional

raf simons david lynch kanye long sleeve kanye west
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Original Post: Kanye Got Emotional & Chance Played “Ultralight Beam” at Chicago Sunday Service

6. “He crying cause chance’s album is ass.” – Leonardo Cruz

Do you even go here?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro camera green

Original Post: Is the iPhone 11 Pro Camera Worth It?

5. “The iPhone is like that kid who graduated high school but keeps coming back.” – Anson Eric Kerr


apple iphone 11 pro

Original Post: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Features Insane Triple-Camera System & Longest Battery Life Ever

4. “good thing I didn’t wait for this bc this gives me low key trypophobia” – Davin Park

If the bloody shoe fits

cardi b hustlers trailer jennifer lopez
STX Entertainment / YouTube

Original Post: Critics Are Calling ‘Hustlers’ “Nothing Less Than a Cultural Moment”

3. “Cardi is a natural” lmao, I mean…she was a stripper” – Valeria Kanevski

More like impossible is WooooooooooooOOooooo

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Original Post: Ric Flair Reveals He’s Signed a Deal With adidas & Wants to Take Down Nike

2. “Just woo it” – Chanton Seak (Source: Facebook)

Posty is getting ready for the end of the world

post malone apocalypse bunker
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Original Post: Is This Our First Look at Post Malone’s $3 Million Apocalypse Bunker?

1.  “I’m predicting a name change in the future: Post War Alone.” – Mike Stranéus

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