Jeff Goldblum is a man with many strings to his bow. Following a string of cult sci-fi and horror films in the ’70s and ’80s, his later films such as the OG Jurassic Park and Independence Day were some of the highest-grossing blockbusters of the ’90s. Known for his tall frame and distinctive voice, Goldblum is also an accomplished jazz musician, hosting a very popular semi-regular concert in Los Angeles. Now signed to Decca Records, Goldblum's debut studio album is expected to be released in November.

Acting and singing aside, he's also one of Hollywood's sharpest dressers. As Goldblum turns 66 today, we're celebrating with some of his best style moments from Prada shirts to animal prints.

As a disclaimer, let's not forget that behind every great celebrity style moment there is a behind-the-scenes stylist (i.e. A$AP Rocky and Matthew Henson) and for Goldblum, it's LA-based stylist Andrew T. Vottero, who needs credit for elevating Goldblum to top of the chain.

Zebra prints

Goldblum's penchant for a loud zebra print has been well documented, mostly by himself, with #zebradad, or #zaddy hashtags too. Goldblum has worn all variations of the tricky-to-pull-off animal pattern over the years from mohair sweaters to skinny jeans. Here, he's out in Los Angeles wearing a pair of zebra pants from Isabel Marant and below, in a pair of zebra print creepers from Saint Laurent.

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC via Raf Simons

While attending Raf Simons' JAWS-inspired CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC SS19 show at New York Fashion Week, Goldblum paid tribute to Simons' vision of neo-Americana with a silky contrast patch Rodeo shirt, also from CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC, and styled it with copper-tone pants and leather boots.

Prada FW18

Prada's half-and-half shirts have been one of the year's most successful style items. Evoking Prada's sensibility as a brand that designs clothes that are so wrong that they're actually right, here Goldblum wears a piece from the FW18 collection that combines flames, stripes, graphics, and a rubberized logo patch all at once.

All-White Tailoring

Not just an unassuming street style icon, Goldblum can also turn out in a piece of impeccable tailoring, such as this all-white tuxedo and leather (slightly heeled) boots he wore for the screening of The Mountain at the 75th Venice Film Festival.

More Prada FW18

It seems that Goldblum has never met a Prada half-and-half shirt that he didn't like. Here, he's wearing the "Impossible True Love" shirt, which was also released in a blue/white colorway a few seasons earlier. The illustration, which depicts Elvis and Cleopatra kissing under a starlit sky, comes from Berlin-based artist Christophe Chemin, who collaborated with Prada on a range of shirt prints.

Check out the special Jil Sander installation at Dover Street Market New York 

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