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Last October, Justin Bieber fell off a unicycle. Not exactly a major news story, but paparazzi managed to capture the singer mid-fall and the shot was a thing of beauty.

But unicycling is very 2019. Now, the Canadian singer has moved on to a new hobby – Photoshop. Yesterday, Bieber posted a series of images featuring himself edited into a number of hilarious situations, from falling into a dinosaur’s open mouth, into a WWF ring, and being abducted by aliens. His editing skills are actually pretty good, too.

Take a look at Bieber’s artwork below.

Here he is getting dunked

Beaming up

Finishing someone

Descending from a diving board

Competing in a race

About to be eaten by a dinosaur

And being plucked from an arcade game

Last week, Bieber released his first single in five years. Watch the lavish visuals for “Yummy,” here. The R&B singer has said he’ll deliver a new album and tour in 2020, so “Yummy” could likely be the lead single from his upcoming project.

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