Music video? YEEZY GAP Commercial? In a true-to-self chess move, Ye offers a 2-in-1 for the visual treatment of DONDA's "Heaven and Hell." 

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that West has been redefining the traditional means of the music rollout in the past year. 

Sure, if you're just trying to hear some new music never-ending rollout for DONDA grew tiresome pretty fast, but it's hard to deny that the way in which Ye leveraged the self-sustaining hype to market his YEEZY GAP line alongside the album was nothing short of impressive. 

The numbers speak for themselves. During DONDA's stadium-sized listening parties, in-person merch sales matched the $7 million one-night sales for the red Yeezy x GAP puffer.

In a move that exemplifies the capabilities of a multidisciplinary artist, Ye once again melds music and fashion for the "Heaven and Hell" music video, which doubled up as YEEZY GAP's debut television commercial.

Visually, the video feels like an amalgamation of Kim, Kanye, and Demna's blacked-out Balenciaga dementor fits that dominated the tail-end of 2021. This is, of course, no accident, as the video sees the full cast dressed in an upcoming black version of the heavily debated YEEZY GAP "Perfect Hoodie." 

Although the black hoodie is now available to order online, like previous colorways, you can expect shipping in four to six weeks, a time frame in which you can expect to see countless numbers of the hooded sweats fetch a pretty penny on StockX.

From using sold-out stadiums to sell the Round Jacket to a music video to advertise a new product release, Ye has hit the nail on the head with YEEZY GAP's marketing. If these drops are anything to go by, we should expect big things for future releases – especially once it's revealed what Balenciaga will be adding to the mix

You can find full details and order the black hoodie online now via YEEZY GAP.

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