This summer, Nigo released the first edition of KAWS x Human Made and now the pair are back together for another collaborative drop.

Featuring tees with Human Made's signature graphics, the shirts, hoodies, and bags from all the drops got a KAWS update and feature the artist's signature "X" eyes, familiar terrain for fans of the ultra-famous artist.

Arriving in both black and white options, the first release from the KAWS x Human Made collaboration featured five T-shirt designs and launched exclusively in Japan.

For the second team-up, the duo are once again dishing up some basics laden with co-branded graphics. This time, there's a cute heart, polar bear, and some other signature Human Made critters, printed atop hoodies, shirts, and hardy tote bags — 10 pieces in all.

The second KAWS collaboration launches on the Human Made web store on October 16.

Human Made recently reopened its physical store in Harajuku, which features a handful of new displays and designs, including its very own takeaway Blue Bottle Coffe Shop. The new store also offers "Wasanbon" sweets created in collaboration with traditional manufacturer Yoshifusa Kagizen from Gion, Kyoto.

Announcing the new store, Nigo initially took to Instagram to share a photo of himself setting up a jukebox, showcasing a white T-shirt with "KAWS MADE" emblazoned in red across the back. KAWS also shared a photo of himself sporting the same design but in a yellow-on-black colorway, but didn't share any more information as to when the collaboration is set to release.

Previously, Nigo and the artist both shared graphics combining Human Made visuals such as its recognizable logo with KAWS' signature "X" eyes, without revealing any additional details regarding the actual partnership.

Recently, Human Made has also collaborated with Lil Uzi Vert while Nigo linked with Louis Vuitton for its second collection of menswear and accessories, as well as debuting a handful of pieces in partnership with adidas Originals.

Meanwhile, KAWS has been all too busy dropping plenty of Japanese collaborations, teasing a Fortnite partnership, and something with Reese's Puffs.

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