There’s a number of features that make a good ski jacket. It should be highly waterproof and breathable with underarm ventilation, a lift pass pocket, and a snow skirt — it's these practical considerations that make outdoor labels justify the big bucks that come with ski gear. However, Kendall Jenner, along with her friend Fai Khadra, have been making the case to ignore all of that and go for what looks best.

Enjoying the snow at the Colorado ski resort of Aspen, along with Taco Bennet, two of their outfits for the slopes will likely have turned heads. While not completely ignoring the need for practicality, they were certainly making a style statement. Something that fashion's ever-growing skiing obsession has made us accustomed to.

Snowboarding down the slopes, a huge puffer jacket in a pastel yellow hue was the standout piece in her look. On a rack, the jacket looks more like one-half of a futuristic space suit than the aerodynamic ski gear you will find in the winter Olympics. But, snow wear and space wear has come together before in the form of Moon Boots, and the oversized style made for a bold silhouette.

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Created by Entire Studios, the jacket has become a signature piece of the label due to its distinct shape. The brand was founded by Dylan Richards and Sebastian Hunt, the creative duo behind YEEZY, which explains the wide and cropped silhouette of this jacket that is comparable to that of the YEEZY X GAP round jacket. And while it has a number of heat-retaining properties, being made from ethically sourced duck down and feather along with a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating, it’s not quite gorp-y traditional mountain wear.

While the Entire Studios jacket might be more of a fashion item than sensible ski outerwear, it is certainly more accustomed to flying down a mountain than what Jenner's friend and fellow model Fai Khadra was rocking.

You would be forgiven for thinking a Yeti was coming to attack you if you saw the multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and art director skiing towards you in Aspen. The recently-dropped Kerwin Frost x Adidas tracksuit which features silky blue and white faux-fur hanging from it might not be the most waterproof of skiwear but it will certainly keep you cozy on the slopes.

With gorpcore and techwear's obsession with the specs of our outerwear deeply ingrained into our brains, copping a tactile all-black fit made of the most technical fabrics on the planet is an attractive proposition. But ski gear is known for its garish colors and bold patterns (especially in the 80s and 90s) and these outfits are bringing back that fun and colorful side to dressing for the mountains.

Just when we thought the ski season would offer us the chance to try out the Goretex creations we have copped in the conditions they were made for (instead of in the shower), we’re thinking of ditching the Arc'teryx for a huge yeti-inspired tracksuit.

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