How would you feel if we said you can now cop the cutting-edge Bugatti Chiron (aka the car of your dreams) for $349 rather than $2.6 million? You’d be pretty stoked, right? Well now, thanks to LEGO, you can. Or at least you can in parts — 3,599 parts to be precise.

The Bugatti Chiron LEGO Technic set is absolutely incredible. At 1:8 in scale, the attention to detail here is impressive, with the model boasting an accurate mockup of the Chiron’s w16 engine (working pistons and all), a detailed cockpit with movable eight-speed gearbox, and aerodynamic bodywork. You can peep the details via the video above.

Available now, the set can be purchased for the aforementioned $349 price via the LEGO web store.

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