Levi's annual 501 Day doesn't include only celebrities — there's room for everyone, including independent designers and casual fans like you and I. Atelier Reservé is one of the indies taking part in the festivities, tackling the denim company's timeless 501 jeans and Type 3 Trucker Jackets with hands-on design acumen and a little aid from inclusive arts org Makers Unite.

Based in Amsterdam, visual artist Alljan Moehamad and designer Deyrinio Fraenk have quietly toiled under the Atelier Reservé moniker since 2016, incorporating far-flung references like Japanese boro patchwork and tattoo-inspired text into their upcycled goods. This kitchen-sink approach equally inspires the duo's new Levi's project, with a limited number of vintage jeans and jackets ripped apart and then pieced back together with thoughtful details aplenty.

Each handmade trouser or trucker is dynamic in appearance, splicing faded denim and deeper indigo panels for an effect that appears reckless but is actually carefully considered. For instance, though the range is essentially genderless, masculine and feminine-leaning cuts boast distinct flair; carrot-cut "women's" 501 jeans taper down to a zippered hem from a loose thigh, and "men's" jeans emphasize exaggerated patchwork and a looser fit. Each item is further distinguished by unique text applications, rearranged Levi's patches, and Atelier Reservé's "LOVE" motif.

"Younger generations nowadays are conscious, critical, and experimental," Moehamad said in a statement. "They define their own style, are looking for exclusive items, and are not afraid to cross boundaries. That’s why we encourage men to wear the women’s model and vice versa. You make your own rules, we just provide the garments.”

"Lately, I have been especially attracted to designers that re-imagine products we love and give them a new identity, a new life," continued Dennis Goebel, Levi's vice-president of merchandising, Europe. "This is how we discovered the great work of the Atelier Reservé. Falling in love with their premium re-imaged vintage collections, we asked them to bring their philosophy of giving products a second life and work on our iconic 501’s and Trucker Jacket. Looking at the end result, I love how raw and youthful they have approached the product."

200 pairs of 501 jeans and 50 Trucker Jackets drop on Levi's website and Zalando's web store on May 20 for €170 and €180, respectively (approximately $207 and $220).

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