Louis Vuitton is currently celebrating 200 years, and is paying homage to its founder through a handful of new initiatives including a collection of LV trunks, as well as an adventure-based game that we really need to talk about.

Dubbed Louis the Game, the phone app follows our protagonist, Vivienne, through six different worlds, where she needs to collect 200 candles to commemorate the birthday of Louis Vuitton. But the game isn't like most fashion games – it is major, complex, and it is addictive.

Most of us have spent the past 10 years with a phone glued to our hand, initially playing games including Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, and so on, but since social media really blew up, there hasn't been a phone game to capture our attention in the same way. Or, at least not for me. When Louis Vuitton revealed its new venture, most of us probably thought it would be a short and easy activity that only took minutes to complete, but the label has built an entire world and a story to explore – and it is certainly worth exploring.

Once you enter Louis the Game, you embark on an adventure that is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and you're able to run around, jump, and collect items along the way. You're also able to customize your character with different Louis Vuitton monogram prints and colorways, and you get to learn about LV's history throughout by collecting post cards and other memorabilia. My character is currently sporting the Palm Springs Mini Backpack, and her flower head features petals in brown, orange, and black colors inspired by signature LV prints.

Most notably, though, are the 30 embedded NFTs you can find throughout the game, designed by artist Beeple. Each NFT is a collectible that can only be found through playing the game, and cannot be sold. Luxury brands are beginning to explore the world of cryptocurrency, with Burberry recently launching its first NFT, and brands including Balenciaga and Gucci also exploring the tech world through games and other virtual activations.

Having spent the past 24 hours collecting candles in Louis the Game, it is obvious that Louis Vuitton is venturing way beyond fashion, and is paying homage to its founder by depicting his journey to building the now global luxury fashion house. The game is also a way for LV to tap into its younger audience, the Gen-Z consumers that are hard to impress, by creating a challenge that everyone can be a part of – without having to purchase anything. It is a way to be a part of the LV universe, as well as the perfect opportunity for the brand to introduce itself to new consumers.

If you're looking to play, Louis the Game can be downloaded on Apple, Android, and Google devices. You can also join Louis Vuitton's celebrations on its website, where the exclusive LV Trunk collection can now be viewed, and a handful of other initiatives that are yet to be revealed.

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