What started as a visually captivating T-shirt line has grown into a full-fledged collection. For Fall/Winter 2014, Marcelo Burlon drew inspiration from iconographic elements of different cultures and created his very own symbolism by remixing all the elements into endlessly morphing patterns which he splashed onto T-shirts, bomber jackets, trainers, backpacks and much, much more. With a keen eye and a taste for excellence, Marcelo Burlon also engaged in a series of collaborations to create iconic accessories that punctuate the collection. Hats are made with Bosalino 18.57, caps with New Era and backpacks with Eastpak, while Fueguia 1833 created a set of accompanying artisanal candles. The Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Fall/Winter 2014 collection will soon be available at select stockists as well as the brand's online store.

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