When you have more money than Scrooge McDuck, it only makes sense that you should take up an obscenely expensive hobby to match. And what better hobby is there to really show off the size of your bank account than collecting rare and exotic cars?

While most of us would probably feel like we’d “made it” being able to afford one reasonably sporty automobile, for the mega-rich it’s a case of owning as many as it’s physically possible to drive in the remaining years you have left on this planet. Or, in the case of Jay Leno, probably many, many more than that.

But — as is so often the case in four-wheeled matters — whose collection really is the biggest? Certainly there have been a few contenders jostling for that honor over the years. Now, in a bid to draw a line under the matter once and for all, the folk over at UK creative agency Quba have compiled a list of the most valuable celebrity car collections on Earth, and the results might surprise you…

Having delved deep into the murky world of auto trading and clandestine car auctions, the Quba team have come up with the seven top rated collections based on the most reliable current data available. Obviously, in an age of internet billionaires and Emirati oil dynasties, there’s every chance there are more valuable private collections out there, but when it comes to celebrity wheels, this is the definitive list for the moment.

The names on the list include F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, comedian-in-car Jerry Seinfeld, boxing loudmouth Floyd Mayweather, certified “face of football” David Beckham, chin enthusiast Jay Leno, and Mr. Bean.

To find out who claims the top spot, however, you’ll have to head over to the site itself…

Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

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