The Nike Dunk Low will be available to customize on Nike By You starting January 7. The sneaker is apparently already available to Nike members and will be unlocked for those in Europe and the US this week. Sneakerheads can already pre-customize their pair ahead of January 7 to get a feel for the materials and color combinations avaiable.

This year looks to be the year that Nike really ramps up Dunk production and availability, after teasing sneakerheads with limited releases that sold out in a flash during all of 2020. A number of women’s-exclusive colorways have already been confirmed, while several other colorways are rumored to be dropping in the coming months.

The availability of the highly sought-after silhouette on Nike By You means that sneakerheads will be able to customize the Dunk to their liking (though colors, materials, and combinations are relatively limited).

A quick scroll through Instagram shows just well-received this news is, with everyone and their grandmother sharing their own designs in feed or on their stories. One of the most popular mockups is a remake of the canceled 7/11 Nike Dunk Low, which was supposed to be released in conjunction with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but was scrapped for unknown reasons. Another popular color combination is the eBay Dunk Low.

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