Critical reception has been largely mixed so far for the all-female reboot of the Ocean’s franchise, Ocean’s 8, which stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna, among others. Some critics loved the movie, claiming it to be the best Ocean’s installment yet, while others described it as “lifeless” and “underwhelming.”

With such a wide range of opinions, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to go see the movie in theaters, so we’ve rounded up a selection of critical reactions to help you make your decision.

From the horrible to the great, read on to find out what critics are saying about Ocean’s 8.

The horrible

The lifeless direction, the unrefined script, the underwhelming cameos, the distinct lack of fizz — there’s a slapdash nature to the assembly of ‘Ocean’s 8’ that makes it feel like the result of a rushed, often careless process. It’s made watchable thanks to the cast, but star power alone cannot mask creative inadequacy. Stealing a diamond necklace is bad but wasting an opportunity like this is unforgivable.

Benjamin Lee / The Guardian

I left ‘Ocean’s 8‘ more convinced than ever that no amount of fierce, fantastic female ensembles can overcome the mediocrity of a dull male director.

Emily Yoshida / Vulture

The bad

It’s smooth, and far from inept. But it isn’t much fun. That’s all you want from a certain kind of heist picture, isn’t it? Fun?

Michael Phillips / Chicago Tribune

‘Ocean’s 8’ could learn a thing or two about brevity and craft: It belabors the basic plot points ‘Ocean’s 11’ dispatched with a single cut or smirk, the result a hacky imitation of the series’ glitzy pizzazz.

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky / The A.V. Club

Bullock’s performance anchors the movie — and nearly drags it down. ‘Ocean’s 8’ has the cast, and the cultural moment, it needs. It just doesn’t do enough with it.

Bill Goodykoontz / Arizona Republic

The meh

The right people have been hired, and everyone is where they’re supposed to be. That level of planning makes the heist in ‘Ocean’s 8’ run fairly smoothly. As for the film itself, similarly curated with care, it gets the job done without ever being one for the record books.

Alonso Duralde / The Wrap

The good

The heist is fun and convincing without being dazzling, and some of the most amusing stuff in the film is just character comedy.

Owen Gleiberman / Variety

The illegal goings-on move to New York, where the plot plods until the crew gets together and the movie unleashes its secret comedic weapon: Anne Hathaway.

Brian Truitt / USA Today

‘Ocean’s 8’ is in many ways a mirror image of its predecessor, but it’s most delightful when it follows its own path toward girly transcendence.

Inkoo Kang / Slate

The great

‘Ocean’s 8’ is the most satisfying installment in the franchise. The all-star cast is impeccable, the shift in focus yields sharp insights, and the heist itself is wily and enjoyable. What the film lacks in suspense it makes up for in style, and that style has undeniable substance.

William Bibbiani / IGN

‘Ocean’s 8’ knows exactly what it’s doing and what it’s trying to achive — showing the audience hell of a good time — and it succeeds marvelously at it, without leaving the audience feeling duped.

Kimber Myers / The Playlist

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