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Hundreds queued at exclusive locations around the globe recently for the early release of the OnePlus 5. Alongside key spots in New York, Paris, Berlin and London, Amsterdam’s Daily Paper store played host to a hoard of eager fans.

With the early release being so limited, people arrived the night before to avoid disappointment. As with all the OnePlus pop-ups, the queue soon ran far down the street.

The OnePlus 5’s power and speed created a buzz amongst those waiting, one of the first in line outside Daily Paper told us, “the option for 8GB RAM is quite crazy.” But equally, if not more hyped, was the dual camera. The camera can focus on the subject while subtly blurring the background for professional-looking photos. Pro Mode allows the user to shoot RAW photos and fine-tune settings like ISO and shutter speed.

“I’m excited to try out the dual camera,” one attendee explains. “It’s got so many good features and I love being able to shoot great pictures on the go.”

Now the new smartphone has hit the general market and young, creative individuals are experimenting with it, we wanted to see just how nifty the much-hyped dual camera is. As far as we’re aware, Instagram is the only place to find photography these days, so we searched the social media platform thoroughly for the very best #ShotOnOnePlus photography. Based on what we’ve found, we’re pretty convinced that the hype around the Dual Camera is well deserved. Here are ten of our favorite shots.

No filter. #shotononeplus5 This is a genuinely impressive camera for a phone. Follow @oneplus_india for mazze

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Don’t worry if you missed the early release, you can now buy the OnePlus 5 directly from the online store, no queuing necessary.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor