The city of Berlin has developed a reputation for being void of color. Its aesthetic is one that thrives on grim black and charcoal grey ensembles. But despite the prevalence of this melancholic palette, a brighter side of life does exist in the German capital. It is this hidden world of color that inspired designer Lee Joon to create his debut line for his new label PLYS, and the result is a Pre-Fall 2016 collection that serves up a spread of neon knitwear for the raver in all of us.

The collection is titled “Adrenalin & Dysfunction,” and Joon specifically found inspiration for it in Berlin’s cycling culture and the sprawl of bright construction sites spread throughout the city. This is translated into a slew of neon jackets and floor windbreakers wrought from merino wools and custom dyes. The dual words in the line’s title are the only graphics that appear in the collection, and the closest semblance to a print is the repeated use of thick stripes throughout the array of shirts.

Elsewhere, the collection is grounded by pieces like retro-leaning sweaters, loose-fitting overalls and tight-fitting athletic shorts, all of which are common fare for the Berlin dance floor. If your life is missing fashionably fluorescent athletic knitwear, look no further than here.

For a complete list of stockists carrying PLYS' Pre-Fall 2016 collection, be sure to visit the brand's website.

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